Marilyn Monroe the Yogi





Kim and I joined a yoga studio (Yoga Circle in Downtown LA) and last night was our first class together–and for Kim, her very first venture into yoga ever! She was, of course, a complete natural right away because she’s naturally talented at everything like thatย that. And in honor of our new yoga adventures, I wanted to share these pictures of Marilyn Monroe doing yoga, which I’ve never seen before! I didn’t even know she was into yoga, did you guys? She studied from renowned yoga teacher Indra Devi.

2 thoughts on “Marilyn Monroe the Yogi

  1. Kim says:

    Ha! You are way too kind, Celeste. I was sweating so much I looked like a Gatorade commercial. But, hey, if Marylin can do it … love that bathing suit, by the way.

  2. Laurence says:

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