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Pull-Apart Pizza Bread


This may be one of the most delicious things I’ve ever seen…and of course it’s from Kelly at Just A Taste. Looks all kinds of ooey gooey amazingness. The recipe does require a good amount of prep time, but can you just imagine pulling apart a soft, cheesy piece of this straight from the oven? Oh, my goodness. You can customize it with any of your favorite pizza toppings, too.

I’m bookmarking this for a weekend cooking adventure.


    • I have never been able to like tofu either, and after laeinrng more about nutrition I feel no need to force myself to like it. Soy has a sugar that we can’t digest, which is why it gives us gas, and manufactured tofu has been processed to take out all of the fiber as well as a lot of the vitamins and minerals.Tempeh is a fermented product, so that the sugar has been broken down, and it uses the whole bean fiber all and tastes SO much better! ask around or maybe order online?

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