On a Roll

Photo by Rachael Narins via LA Weekly


Despite the fact that I’ve made it abundantly easy for me to have a healthy breakfast at work (tasty low-fat granola and coconut milk at both of my two desks) cinnamon rolls keep calling my name. At this point, I’m starting to worry that I truly am addicted. No matter; I’ve now found 10 more  reasons to indulge — even on the weekend! — thanks to LA Weekly’s list of the 10 best cinnamon rolls in Los Angeles. Uh oh …

Chocolate Chip Cookie Madness

Chocolate Lava Cookies -- Kevin & Amanda

I know we’ve posted a lot about cookies — especially the chocolate chip variety. But when you see an image like this, how can you resist? And this is exactly my kind of recipe: It calls for a muffin pan (check!) store-bought dough (check!), chocolate chips (check!) and a plastic bag (check!). That’s it! Of course, you could get all fancy and make your own dough, but I just love that Kevin & Amanda are all for the store-bought variety, too.

… This could be dangerous.

Home Sweet Home


Tereasa & David's Grown-Up Tree House - Apartmenttherapy.com

Words can’t describe how much I love this house. It makes me want to learn carpentry so I can build an exact replica in my own backyard … erm, alley? OK, it may have to wait for a time when (if) I move to the country. But this may just be the push I need.

Learn about Tereasa Surratt, the amazing woman who designed and built this house along with some talented friends, and get the full tour at Apartmenttherapy.com.

{Photo via Apartmenttherapy.com}

Geeking Out On Office Supplies


Scroll Pen - Uncommon Goods

One Day at a Time Stationery Set - Uncommon GoodsFuzzy Wuzzy Pencils - Spoon Sisters

Pro/Con Journal - Knock Knock

Mac Shortcuts Poster - Etsy

It occurred to me recently – mainly because traffic is getting progressively worse – that it’s back-to-school season. Seeing as I’m no longer in school, this is of no great consequence to me, but it does remind me of how much I used to LOVE getting those lists of required school supplies for the year. When it comes to school/office supplies, I totally geek out. I could literally spend hours in any store that offers more than one or two kinds of pens or pencils. Oh, and organizers — swoon!

So in the spirit of back-to-school season and my office supply obsession, I thought I’d round up a few fun finds from around the interwebs:

1. Scroll Pen – Anything that combines a paper and pen is a magic in my book.

2. One Day at a Time Stationery Set – I’m not usually a Type A personality unless it comes to office supplies and this is about as good as it gets.

3. Fuzzy Wuzzy Pencils – Cute! And fuzzy.

4. Pro/Con Journal – I could’ve used this last month with my moving saga. I’m sure it’ll still come in handy, though.

5. Mac Shortcuts Poster – Stylish and functional.

Hey, It Could Happen

Manhattan townhouse with a pool in the Living room ... I mean.

Rich people get pretty crazy when it comes to home decor. And I normally don’t feel the need to share discoveries of that variety with blog readers, but this one is too good to pass up. It’s a $10.9 million Manhattan townhouse, so gold leaf furniture abounds, but the real coup de grace is the pool in the living room. For the longest time — and if I’m honest, still to this day — I’ve wanted a pool inside my house. I mean, I don’t actually want that, but I do think it would be totally awesome.

It all reminds me of a McDonald’s commercial from back in the day when the slogan was “Hey, it could happen.” In one commercial a kid dreams of a house navigable by waterway, which is a dream that I’ve long shared. So, yes, Manhattan townhouse owner, please put me on the list for the next pool party and maybe forever.

{Photo via shelterpop/aol}

Animals, Humor … I’m Sold

Horses Gonna Horse by Aled Lewis

Deception by Aled Lewis

Maybe Next Year by Aled Lewis

By now, I’m sure anyone who reads this blog is fully aware of my obsession with art that involves animals and/or offbeat humor. So, for those who can’t get enough like me, here’s more. Aled Lewis’ “Toy Stories” art prints are both hilarious and adorable, which pretty much means I’m completely unable to resist looking at them over and over again while hovering over the Buy button.

This is probably the first time in years that I can honestly say I’m in need of more art for my walls. So … temptation accepted.

Can’t Resist

Mini Monkey Bread - Get Off Your Butt and Bake!

I try to be good. I really do. And then things like this come along and totally weaken every fiber of my being until I’m stuffing down “mini monkey bread” until there’s no tomorrow. It doesn’t help that as of late, I’ve had a particular craving for cinnamon rolls, which now in comparison just seem boring.

If you need me, I’ll be in the gym making room for the next drool-worthy recipe I come across.

{Photo and recipe via Get Off Your Butt and Bake!}

Animals, All Of Them

Sloth print by Berkley Illustration on Etsy

Peacock print by Berkley Illustration on Etsy

About a year ago, I feel in love with these animal prints at Urban Outfitters. They were portraits of various animals — a squirrel, a polar bear, a gorilla – looking regal in a suit and tie or a dainty blouse. Similar in theme to one of my favorite artists, Michael Sowa, whose paintings are prominently featured in the movie “Amélie,” there was something so absurd and hilarious about these anthropomorphized  drawings.

As is usually the case, I didn’t bite the bullet when they were readily available – in amazing oval frames to boot! So I recently went on a scavenger hunt for the artist and was ecstatic to discover that they (actually an artistic duo from Portland, Ore.) have a shop on Etsy featuring even more animal portraits, including my all-time favorite, the sloth! I just about died from excitement.

Now the trick will be not blowing my entire allowance on each and every one of these portraits, because how can one choose between a Don Draper bear, a James Bond villain cheetah and a stately badger? I know I can’t.