Festive From Head to Toe

Last week, I shared 5 party dresses with you guys, but if you’d rather make your accessories the main attraction this holiday season, these precious pieces from ban.do would be the perfect complement to any little black dress–in fact, the simpler the outfit, the better. Which means you can wear something you already own, save some money, and still look adorable.

From top to bottom: Gift Bow, $35; Big Black Bow Headband, $45; Chiffon Shoe Clips, $25; Heart Shoe Clips, $25.

Homeless Gift #7: Scarves

See-Through Infinity Scarf - American Apparel

Yellow Infinity Scarf - American Apparel

Infinity Scarf - American Apparel

I don’t know why, but this year I’m all about scarves. There are just so many great ones out there, and they’re pretty universally liked, so it’s always a great gift in my book. A couple years ago, I got an infinity scarf from American Apparel, and I wear it pretty much every day in the winter. Now, American Apparel has even more patterns to choose from and the scarves are pretty reasonably priced, too ($20 to $30). Perfect for a last-minute gift!

Homeless Gift #4: It’s In the Bag

Horse & Anchor Bag

Horse & Anchor Bag

Horse & Anchor Bag


This weekend was Renegade Craft Fair’s second 2011 event in Los Angeles and the timing couldn’t have been better. It was gifts galore with everything from sweet smelling soaps and lotions to beautiful jewelry to artsy prints and paintings. In short, I scored big on the Christmas shopping front.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t share some of my fabulous finds with the rest of you. (Some of you just may see these end up among your presents this year, although I’m not saying who – or what.) I’ll dole these out as I have the last couple weeks with my “Homeless Gifts” series, so you can savor and consider each one individually.

First up are these hippy, slouchy chic bags from Horse & Anchor. Made from hand-cut leather and distressed fabrics, like old military canvases, these bags seem idyllic for stylish adventurers. The distressed look makes them a perfect bag for a trip abroad – when most bags go through the ringer – yet also great for an edgier everyday kind of look. The only drawback is they aren’t cheap. Most will run you $100 to $200, but for this kind of handcrafted artistry, it might be worth it.

Find more styles in their online shop at http://www.horseandanchor.com/

Homeless Gift #3: Anything Anthropologie

It’s hard to go wrong with Anthropologie (except maybe when it comes to cost). But this year, their fabulous gift guide is making it a little easier for the common folk to be Anthropologie gift givers, too. (Although I did have some fun — and sadness — gawking at some of their most outrageously priced goods.) I could list practically everything on the entire site, but here are some of my favorites that aren’t going to break the bank — too much.

Enchanted Forest Jigsaw Puzzle – $148

Enchanted Forest Jigsaw Puzzle - Anthropologie

Curious Deciduous Salad Plate – $16

Deciduous Salad Plate - Anthropologie

Hailstone Necklace – $48

Hailstone Necklace - Anthropologie

Dr. Hunter’s Hand Care Kit – $35

Dr. Hunter's Hand Care Kit - Anthropologie