Bicoastal Wonder

Have you guys heard of the blog Atlantic-Pacific? I just discovered Bee and her magical, sparkling wonder of a fashion blog and I’m always floored by the outfits she’s wearing. The first time I browsed through her site, it was just one fabulous outfit after another and I found myself uttering an audible “Whoa.” She posts every single day and looks like a gem every. single. day. Those layers! Those accessories! Those hairstyles! Oh, Bee, I’m stuck on you like…well, honey.

Some more recent outfits of Ms. Bee for your viewing pleasure:

A Handful Of Whimsy

Orwell Clutch from TsuruBride on EtsyOrwell Clutch from TsuruBride on Etsy Orwell Clutch from TsuruBride on Etsy

I have a thing for whimsical, albeit odd, animal-themed accessories and clothing. When I was 15, my mom had to secretly throw away a shirt I’d begged for in Cape Cod eight years earlier with a picture of a cat and the words “Cape Clawed” on the front. So when I saw these purses on Etsy from TsuruBride, I almost died.

I love the idea of pairing these girlish animal clutches with a lovely, “grown-up” outfit. After all, everything — even animal-themed items — in moderation.

{photos via TsuruBride}

A Laptop Bag You Can Make On The Go

DIY Hoodie Laptop Bag

Over the years, the contents of my purse has gotten more and more out of control. Since I’m constantly on the road, I end up taking everything I could possibly require in any situation and stuffing it into my bag — which now looks like something from “Mary Poppins.”

So I love the idea of being able to consolidate items that I’ll be toting along anyway, like my laptop and a hoodie. Luckily, this tutorial from The Trendy Girl shows you how to do just that: take your emergency hoodie and turn it into a laptop bag.

It’s not the cutest “bag” I’ve ever seen, but it gets the job done and it’s super convenient. Now if only I could find a way to turn my scarf into an umbrella.

{photo via The Trendy Girl}

A Ruffly, Romantic DIY

Ruffles and Stuff posted this dreamy necklace she created herself with an easy DIY tutorial from Poppy Chic Designs. Doesn’t it look like it could’ve come straight from Anthro or J.Crew (mine and Leslie’s two biggest shopping weakspots)? I’m definitely booking this one for when I’m feeling a little crafty, a little strapped for cash, and a little in the mood for something pretty. So, right now.