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A Day at the Craft Fair

While holing up in Downtown LA this weekend (to avoid carmageddon, which turned out to be a bust), I finally made it to the Renegade Craft Fair. If those words — “craft fair” — conjure up thoughts of doilies and decorative plates like the ones at your grandmother’s house, don’t fret, this is a whole different animal. I have a stack of business cards and a dent in my bank account to prove it. After spending the first 10 minutes going from booth to booth mentally tallying the pieces I couldn’t live without, I decided it would be better — and more cost-effective — to collect business cards from the artists I liked and shop their stores online when I’m more level-headed and the bright red ATM sign isn’t beckoning. Plus, what better way to share all my fabulous finds with you all! Here’s a rundown of my favorites and a couple it turned out I really couldn’t live, or leave, without: Small Adventure — Cards, prints, accessories and other small items for those who …


Spotted these bags by Fleabag over on Oh Joy! and immediately fell in love with them. They have such a modern, tomboy-meets-fashionable-gal look, plus they’re stylish enough to carry around every day and big enough for day trips! I think my favorite colors are Saddle and White :)  See all the styles here.

Bicoastal Wonder

Have you guys heard of the blog Atlantic-Pacific? I just discovered Bee and her magical, sparkling wonder of a fashion blog and I’m always floored by the outfits she’s wearing. The first time I browsed through her site, it was just one fabulous outfit after another and I found myself uttering an audible “Whoa.” She posts every single day and looks like a gem every. single. day. Those layers! Those accessories! Those hairstyles! Oh, Bee, I’m stuck on you like…well, honey. Some more recent outfits of Ms. Bee for your viewing pleasure:

A Handful Of Whimsy

I have a thing for whimsical, albeit odd, animal-themed accessories and clothing. When I was 15, my mom had to secretly throw away a shirt I’d begged for in Cape Cod eight years earlier with a picture of a cat and the words “Cape Clawed” on the front. So when I saw these purses on Etsy from TsuruBride, I almost died. I love the idea of pairing these girlish animal clutches with a lovely, “grown-up” outfit. After all, everything — even animal-themed items — in moderation. {photos via TsuruBride}