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A Hair-Do Day

Glamorous Swoop from Eunice & Sabrina Moyle’s Pinterest (original source not found) – The old-Hollywood look of this hair-do is to die for! Heidi Doody from Mr. Kate – I get the sense that Kate’s hair is very much like mine, so I think I’ll be visiting her blog often for tips and style ideas. Side Ponytail with a Teased Crown from Total Beauty – This has Zooey Deschanel, who’s my go-to style-icon, written all over it. Twist & Pin Side Chignon from Hair Romance – Love the color, love the style. Chanel from Bumble and Bumble – This is how I always envision my hair looking when I decide to cut it short. If only … *********************** You know how every girl has her own style obsession – something that if she doesn’t have just right, it completely ruins her entire look and maybe her entire day? Like for some girls, it’s shoes, for others, it’s purses. For me, it’s my hair. You probably wouldn’t guess that by looking …

Wild Hairstyles

Do you know what an alpaca obsession looks like? I do. And it’s name is my mom. A couple years ago, my mom got really into alpacas. I mean, really into them. She joined a club and everything. (I didn’t even know there was such a thing.) They sent her a postcard with a watercolor painting of an alpaca on the front and I laughed for days. And teased her mercilessly. That is, until she sent me the most amazing compilation known to man: 25 Alpacas with the Most Amazing Hair Ever. The title is true. They do have the most amazing hair ever. And looking through the list, I honestly felt as though I could identify every alpaca’s celebrity lookalike – or as I like to call it, “style icon.” Mom, I apologize for my teasing. You’re right: Alpacas are quite incredible creatures — with a sense of style I can only hope to aspire to one day. {Photo by Kerstin Joensson via Twisted Sifter}

Summer Hair

Pretty hair inspiration, just because. :) And I hope you guys had a wonderful, relaxing holiday weekend! I had a great time visiting Kim and our friend Cheryl in Monrovia on Saturday, and my sister and I ate our hearts out in San Diego. Oh my, the portions at Hash House a go go are the biggest I’ve ever seen in my life, and the two of us dug into an amazing guava cake at Extraordinary Desserts (I would’ve loved to share pictures but my phone was dead for most of the weekend because I’m terrible at charging it). Hope you had a fun one, too! {hair photos via Kate}


Hope everyone’s New Year’s was wonderful! Do you guys have any goals/resolutions for the new year yet? Mine is to do more with my hair! I do the occasional curls, waves, buns, and headbands, but for the most part, my hair is easiest to manage when it’s just down and straight–therefore, it’s how I wear it pretty much every day. But this year, I’m looking forward to stop being lazy and putting in a little more effort to tackle my straight, slippery hair. Wit + Delight’s Hairspirations for 2012 looks like a great place to start. How do you guys wear your hair? Any tips or ideas?

Summer Hair

We’re about to enter the last few weeks of summer, so what better way to go out than with some awesome summer hair? These styling suggestions from 100 Layer Cake look so darling and pretty. p.s. to get that nice texture in your hair, I highly recommend John Masters Organic Sea Mist. I just discovered this product and it’s amazing! Just spritz on damp or dry hair and scrunch away for beachy waves or hair that will stay put in a bun.