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I’ve become slightly addicted to How You Glow, a lovely new website dedicated to all things healthy, healing, nourishing, and beautiful by Tara and Jesse. It’s both a lifestyle how-to guide and a behind-the-scenes look at a standard of living that I only wish I could emulate: days filled with fresh pressed juices and homemade smoothie bowls, garden yoga at what’s called the “How You Glow Treehouse”, and dress-up adventures at vintage boutiques. And Tara and Jesse get to essentially live and breathe this lifestyle 24/7—Tara is a natural foods chef and holistic nutritionist, and Jesse is a certified yoga instructor and art therapist.  


Through their site, you get to come along on private yoga sessions with instructors such as May Che…


…into the kitchen to make these vegan and gluten-free Raspberry Crumb Bars


…out and about town to profile equally fabulous women like Ali Kay and her backyard full of organic produce and fruit…


…on a beauty date with braid extraordinaire Ashley Streicher


…and of course model amazing pieces for new online vintage boutique The Neck Down.

What a life! You can peruse more stories, features, and tips on their site here. Plus, if their website isn’t envy-worthy enough, their Instagram feed will make you want to quit your job, do yoga all day, and just frolic around hip L.A. spots.

p.s. After doing some digging around, I discovered that Tara is actually the sister of Roxy, one of the cast members of E!’s Rich Kids of Beverly Hills!

{photos via How You Glow}



I’m pretty excited about today’s post because it’s all about my wonderful friend Supattra! I met her a few years ago through our mutual friend Mike, and ever since then, we’ve gotten chummy over dinners, happy hours, bar nights, and even a sumo wrestling competition! I love her for so many reasons: she’s always up for something fun; she seizes the everyday but isn’t afraid to admit her fears and mistakes; she’s lived abroad and went to Kenya last year (pictured throughout this blog); and it’s so easy to have hours-long conversations with her about life, relationships, ambitions, and all the complications of growing up and figuring out what on earth we’re here for. Our talks always leave me inspired.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, Supattra was being her usual inspirational self again. ;) She reached out to a bunch of her friends and asked them to join her in completing a “30×30″ list she had created. It’s a list of 30 things she wants to do by the time she’s 30—and 30 still counts, she says! (She’ll turn 30 in May 2015.) I thought the list was so fun—it’s full of big goals (hike Yosemite’s half dome), small goals (watch the full Star Wars trilogy), and playful goals (stomp on grapes like in I Love Lucy).

Supattra kindly let me share the list, plus a Q&A with her on what she’s learned from her 20’s and what she’s looking forward to about turning 30:

Supattra’s 30×30

1. Defy gravity (skydive or paraglide)
2. Hike the half dome (Summer 2014 anybody??)
3. Visit a continent I haven’t been to (planning for South America 2015! Who’s with me?)
4. Experience Coachella (planned for April 2014)
5. Go to something big somewhere else (Burning Man, Carnival, Oktoberfest, La Tomatina)
6. Go laser tagging for the first time
7. Learn to ride a motorcycle
√ 8. Hike to the hollywood sign to see the sunrise over L.A. < CHECKED 1/19/14
9. Learn to play and sing a full song on my ukelele or guitar
10. Stomp on grapes like in I Love Lucy
11. Buy my own first car
12. Host a dinner party and cook for friends
13. Take a spontaneous Jetsuite trip somewhere, anywhere
14. Go skinny dipping
15. Run a marathon
16. Learn at least 10 family recipes
17. Learn how to do an oil change, jumpstart a car, and change a car tire
18. Attempt to get over my fear of birds…
19. Go on an epic road trip with friends
20. Surf and snowboard on the same day
21. Watch the full Star Wars trilogy
22. Learn a new dance
23. Aprende Espanol (at an advanced level)
24. Get certified in something
25. Eat unprocessed foods and go gluten-free for a full month just to see how it feels
26. Clean out my storage and donate all unneeded things
27. Fall in love
28. Be a mentor
29. Quit a job I hate to follow my dreams
30. Look and feel my best at 30

And now…a Q&A with Supattra :) Continue reading

Paper Princess

o-1643876-570 (9)

Have you guys heard about this 4-year-old fashionista? Affectionately dubbed “Mayhem” by her mother, Angie, this tot enjoys clothes so much that she was always playing with her mom’s scarves and sheets. Then one day, Angie suggested the two of them start making paper dresses instead so they could create to their heart’s content…and suddenly an incredible collection emerged! Proof below…

o-1643876-570 (8)

o-1643876-570 (7)

o-1643876-570 (4)

o-1643876-570 (5)

…and then came celebrity-inspired concoctions!


o-1643876-570 (2)

o-1643876-570 (1)

How adorable and imaginative is this mother-daughter duo?! And those last three photos…I think we all know who wore it better.

See more amazing designs on Angie’s Instagram. And thanks for letting me know about this story, Jess!

{via HuffPost}

I Want This Chicken

Penny the Fluffy Silky Chicken

This story about a two-legged Chihuahua-that-could and its rescue-chicken BFF was all over the interwebs last week. And as adorable as this unlikely duo is, can we stop for a moment and talk about this chicken.

Matt has now banned me from Googling “fluffy silky chicken” after I literally started crying-laughing out of pure joy at how adorable this thing is. It looks like some kind of mythical creature — perhaps an extra from “Where the Wild Things Are”?

Sloths are now facing some major competition in my mind. And coming from the person who ordered two copies of this print, that’s saying something.

{Photo via Duluth Animal Hospital}

Napkin Notes

The Napkin Notes Dad

When I was a kid, my dad made most of my lunches. They weren’t always the most impressive lunches at the lunch table. I still eyed the kids with Sun Chips and fruit snacks. And I did carefully sneak each article of food out from the cover of the paper bag the time he accidentally got an economy-size stock of Power Ranger-themed sandwich bags. But it felt special in a way to know that each day, even amid the uncertainties and stresses of growing up and finding friends and discovering who I was, that I had this reminder that something familiar and comfortable and loving awaited me at home.

So it made me extra nostalgic and emotional when I read this story in the Los Angeles Times about a dad, Garth Callaghan, with cancer who has started writing a napkin note to pack in his daughter’s lunch for every day until she graduates high school. Most of the notes are inspirational quotes or personal messages. Callaghan also posts them on his website and various social media sites and they’ve recently been turned into a Kindle eBook.

If that isn’t sweet or heartbreaking enough, hop on over and read the full story on the Los Angles Times website. The ending gets me every time.

What 35 & Single Looks Like

Have you guys always known you wanted to get married and have kids, or do you feel like neither are for you? While I definitely believe in marriage, it wasn’t until after college that I started feeling like, OK, maybe I can do the mom thing…but also maybe more like after I’m 30. ;)

But what if you’re over 30, single, and have little to no desire to ever get married and have kids? How does a free spirit fit into a world where society’s expectations often dictate our lives? (And lead to funny looks when you don’t live up to them?) I love how Paula Schargorodsky, an Argentine woman, answers these questions with her beautiful little film above.

{via The New York Times}

The Year of More


For New Year’s Eve, Stephen and I donned our jackets, got a nice long dinner together, and then joined Kim and Matt at Grand Park in Downtown LA for the countdown. I can’t remember the last time I left the house for New Year’s Eve. A lot of them have been spent at my parents’ house with our family watching the ball drop on TV while eating cake and playing cards (which is a pretty awesome way to spend it). But this year, it was wonderful and beautiful to be outdoors under the night sky, counting down with thousands of people and seeing the streets come alive with revelers (also, how has LA never had a public countdown before this year?!). The four of us walked back together after midnight and there were cars honking and people dancing, singing, and whooping every which way. It’s easy to make NYE a cozy night in, but it sure was great to feel like we were celebrating with the whole city for a night. And thanks to Kim for taking this photo and managing to squeeze in City Hall, the 11:58 time stamp, the fountain, and us! :)

So what are you hoping 2014 holds for you? This year, I’m hoping I can really take this quote by Annie Dillard to heart: “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” I’ve been thinking a lot about how I want to fill up my days and, for me, I’m hoping the theme of 2014 will be the year of more. More laughter, more love, more stories, more writing, more reading, more travel, more friendships, more family, more hugs, more kisses, more doing, more listening, more exploring, more absorbing, more faith, more creation, more learning…the list could go on. As we get older, every new year seems to pass by faster and faster, and I just want to squeeze in as much as I can every single day. Plus, I like to think that the more you do and see and feel, the more you you become. This is another favorite quote:

Screen shot 2014-01-02 at 9.22.23 PM

What do you want more of in 2014? And seeing that this NYE seemed extra special, I have a really good feeling about this year. ;)

Literature, Right To Your Inbox


Years ago, I read a quote from Stephen King where he said everyone should learn to read not only in gulps, but also in sips. It’s still one of my favorite pieces of reading advice. For most of my life, I was always a gulper, nerding out after class or work with a book for a good 4-5 hours straight. Over the summer, I would read up to 12 hours a day! As I got older, I still had gulper mentality, but with less time–and with that came less reading. If I knew I wouldn’t get more than 30 minutes of reading in, I wouldn’t even bother (my thinking was that you can’t really enjoy a book unless you really sink into the whole experience, which requires time!). Are any of you guys like that? :) Anyway, a little after I read that quote, I moved to New York. At first I didn’t think I would ever pull out a book during subway rides or while waiting in line, but I slowly started to and it made such a difference! Even ten minutes a day got me through a good amount of pages over a week. And, surprisingly, I could still get lost in a book in just a matter of moments.

Which brings me to DailyLit…this cool little site will actually e-mail you installments of books, designed to be read in about 15 minutes per day, right from your inbox. So if you don’t have an actual book on you (which happens to me a lot more now that I’m back in L.A. and forget it in my car/don’t have to carry my life around with me in a big bag anymore), you’ll have your trusty phone on you. Plus, the e-mail is an easy reminder to squeeze in regular reading, and installments can be customized to come on specific days and times of the week. And the whole service is free!

Think you would try this? I just signed up for Journey to the Center of the Earth, which I think I’ve been meaning to read since I was 12. :)

{photo via DailyLit}

81 Years of Marriage & Counting



This sweet story has been making its way around the internet for the past couple of days, but I couldn’t help sharing it just in case you missed it! John and Ann Betar have been married for 81 years, if you can believe it. They eloped in 1932 when John was 21 and Ann was 17, at a time when Ann’s father was trying to marry her off to a man 20 years older than her.

Ann is now 98, John is 102, and they have 14 grandchildren and 16 great-grand children (are you keeping up with the numbers in this post so far? ;)). It’s hard to look at their wedding photo without a) thinking what a beautiful and young couple they were! and b) dropping your jaw at how many decades, how many historical events, how many fashion trends, and how many evolutions, inventions, and re-inventions America has gone through since it was taken. Says John, “We have watched the world change together.”

His piece of advice for a long, happy marriage? “Always agree with your wife.” :P

article-2511075-198BB82700000578-844_634x447Adorable old couple laughing and holding hands? Nothing gets to me more!

And since we’re on the subject of love and marriage, here’s a favorite quote below…

Screen shot 2013-11-25 at 10.26.55 PM…I’d say John and Ann definitely chose wisely! ;)

{via Daily Mail}