On Goofy Art and Giggles

Mountain Monster print by Chris McMahon

Land Narwhal and Young print by Chris McMahon

You guys know how I’m obsessed with goofy animal art – and, let’s face it, goofy art in general. Just the other day, I was this close [ ] to buying a gigantic blue oil painting of two bunnies in a field.

I can’t even describe the level of joy I found from these masterpieces by Chris McMahon, who, as I’m told by the ladies at Hello Giggles, paints these funny monsters into landscape art he finds at thrift stores.

I’ve already purchased the narwhal and the mountain monster pictured above. Only $10 including shipping! I couldn’t resist.

And while I’m on the topic, Hello Giggles is the best! How did I just now discover it? I especially loved this post by 13-year-old Mikaela Foster, who is already a much better writer than me and describes my junior high/high school sentiments to a “T”.

Modern Hepburn

Modern Hepburn is one of my favorite blogs–it’s filled to the brim with happy photos, whimsical photos, nostalgic photos, and romantic photos, all with an emphasis on the beautiful details of everyday life. I’d highly recommend bookmarking it and trying not to visit it all day long. :)

The Mouthwatering Side of Vegetarianism

Celeste and I were talking the other night about the trials and tribulations of become a vegetarian. And I have to say, if the recipes on So Good And Tasty are any indication of the vegetarian lifestyle, I’m in.

I scrolled through the site for about half an hour trying to decide which recipes to feature on this posting – simply because they all looked incredibly good. (Warning: do not visit So Good And Tasty on an empty stomach. Mine was growling.) Don’t even get me started on the desserts.

{Photos via So Good And Tasty}