On Goofy Art and Giggles

Mountain Monster print by Chris McMahon

Land Narwhal and Young print by Chris McMahon

You guys know how I’m obsessed with goofy animal art – and, let’s face it, goofy art in general. Just the other day, I was this close [ ] to buying a gigantic blue oil painting of two bunnies in a field.

I can’t even describe the level of joy I found from these masterpieces by Chris McMahon, who, as I’m told by the ladies at Hello Giggles, paints these funny monsters into landscape art he finds at thrift stores.

I’ve already purchased the narwhal and the mountain monster pictured above. Only $10 including shipping! I couldn’t resist.

And while I’m on the topic, Hello Giggles is the best! How did I just now discover it? I especially loved this post by 13-year-old Mikaela Foster, who is already a much better writer than me and describes my junior high/high school sentiments to a “T”.

The Mouthwatering Side of Vegetarianism

Celeste and I were talking the other night about the trials and tribulations of become a vegetarian. And I have to say, if the recipes on So Good And Tasty are any indication of the vegetarian lifestyle, I’m in.

I scrolled through the site for about half an hour trying to decide which recipes to feature on this posting – simply because they all looked incredibly good. (Warning: do not visit So Good And Tasty on an empty stomach. Mine was growling.) Don’t even get me started on the desserts.

{Photos via So Good And Tasty}

You Say Potato, I Say Potatomato

Cafe Angelique


Spice TableRestaurants pictured, from top: Cafe Angelique, KTCHN 105, Spice Table.

Now that I have the pleasure of visiting Celeste and “the boy” at their new digs in Downtown LA, I’m becoming more and more enamored with the food scene there. The problem is I get almost all of my leads from the boy, who gets almost all of his from a coworker. Celeste is starting to think I’m this all-knowing foodie because it just so happens that every time we’ve met up in LA, I’ve taken her to a different restaurant of the total five that I know.  ;)

So thank goodness for the twin sister bloggers who run Potatomato, which has excellent reviews of a ton of hip Downtown restaurants, including one I’ve been dying to try called KTCHN 105. Now, I know many of you are probably screaming, “Why not Yelp?” at your computers right now. And the reason is that it’s too overrun by reviews that start with something like, “I’ve never had Mexican food before, but this place looked interesting …”

Potatomato seems to have exactly what I’m looking for down to an art. Plus they post about travel destinations, which makes me want to call them up to see when we can all get together in Turkey for a meal. I’ve heard Istanbul is beautiful in September!

{Photos via Potatomato}

Wednesday Geek-Out

Trooping in the Rain - Storm Troopers 365

One of the joys (or maybe embarrassing facts) of working at a NASA center is that you can really let your geek flag fly. That’s why I’m proud to say I think this blog is amazing. Blogger Stéfan arranges a pair of Stormtrooper figurines in hilarious scenes and snaps “candid” shots of their mundane lives.  He’s shooting one photo each day for 365 days, so there’s plenty to laugh at!

{Photo via Stormtrooper 365)

{Have A Happy Thursday}

What are you guys up to this weekend? I haven’t done one of these Happy Thursday posts in a while  and thought I’d bring it back! This weekend, I’ll be seeing our very own Kim tonight for dinner at WoodSpoon (our obsession) and then the next couple of days are filled with dinner parties for friends and then a very special dinner with the family for Father’s Day on Sunday. So…I’ll be eating. A lot. Do you guys have plans for Father’s Day?

Until Monday, here are some fun reads and links to enjoy:

Have a wonderful weekend, guys! xx

{photo via frolic!}