Prettiest Wedding Cakes


I just discovered Jenna Rae Cakes thanks to this 100 Layer Cake post and I’m mesmerized by her creations! They are all so beautiful, with amazing textures, color palettes, and unique design accents like edible gold sequins, braided fondant rope, gold flower buds, and buttercream ruffles. She makes every cake look flawless.







Who’s ready to get married right now just to have a cake this pretty? :)

{all photos via Jenna Rae Cakes}

Summer Bucket List #2: Firsts

Summer Bucket List #2: Go to Catalina Island

Summer Bucket List #2: Go to Catalina Island

Summer Bucket List #2: Go to Catalina Island

Summer Bucket List #2: Go to Catalina Island


I was starting to think I might give in to this whole, “it’s technically fall now” idea, but it seems at least in Southern California, Mother Nature isn’t quite ready to accept that idea either. Summer is still here, my friends – and so is my Summer Bucket List.

My latest adventure (Summer Bucket List item No. 2) took me for the first time to the shores of Catalina Island. While I’ve spent many a lazy beach day staring at the island from afar and even taken several SCUBA diving trips to waters just off of its coastline, in my 10 years as a SoCal resident, I’d never actually set foot on shore.

Being that it was the boy’s and my anniversary, we opted for the quieter Two Harbors side of the island and spent the day kayaking (which I’m happy to report went swimmingly despite my tendency to be overbearing in kayaks), checking out the scenery and eating at the only restaurant in the town.

At dusk, we hiked up to a viewpoint above the back side of Two Harbors’ two harbors. The sun began setting over the mountains and I whipped out every camera in my possession while the boy tried to usher me up another hill to a second lookout area. After two dozen photos and many more urgings from the boy that we climb to the higher lookout, I relented. We climbed to the top – me singing “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria” the whole way (this isn’t as weird as it sounds if you consider that the epic scenery pretty much forces you to go straight to “Sound of Music” references) — and then this happened :)

I said yes.

Summer Bucket List #2: Go to Catalina Island

Vintage Airstream Honeymoon

Would you guys ever go camping for your honeymoon? It wasn’t something that I ever thought of, but after seeing this Green Wedding Shoes honeymoon inspiration–complete with cozy Airstream, daytime tents, boating, and roasting marshmallows–it looks like such a sweet, relaxing trip to take together! If you’re on a tight budget, it would also be a perfect alternative to expensive flights and hotels abroad. And hey, who needs a honeymoon for this adventure? Grab your significant other, friends, family, whoever, and make it happen for Memorial Day!

French Impressionist Wedding




Impressionism is one of my favorite art movements because of how romantic and sweet the artwork from that era is, from Renoir to Monet. I’ve always thought it would translate beautifully into a wedding theme and, now, 100 Layer Cake is featuring a French Impressionist wedding shoot that looks so elegant. From the lacy wedding dress (how gorgeous is the back?) to the decor’s pastel/watercolor palette, this look would make for a beautiful springtime celebration.

The Joy of Paper Flowers

Paper Flowers via Thuss + Farrell

Paper Flowers via Thuss + Farrell

Paper Flowers via Thuss + Farrell

I’ve recently fallen back in love with paper flowers. I used to adore making these things in school for Mother’s Day and the like, but I didn’t know then that they could look so classy and beautiful if you want them to. Just take a look at these stunners on the equally amazing Plenty of Colour blog (recommended to me today by one of my coworkers).

The creations, made by photography/design company Thuss+Farrell, are nearly as beautiful as the real thing — and they last a whole lot longer. Wouldn’t they be just gorgeous as gift toppers or wedding decorations?

Here’s an easy tutorial on how to make your own.

{Photos via Thuss+Farrell}