Animals, All Of Them

Sloth print by Berkley Illustration on Etsy

Peacock print by Berkley Illustration on Etsy

About a year ago, I feel in love with these animal prints at Urban Outfitters. They were portraits of various animals — a squirrel, a polar bear, a gorilla – looking regal in a suit and tie or a dainty blouse. Similar in theme to one of my favorite artists, Michael Sowa, whose paintings are prominently featured in the movie “Amélie,” there was something so absurd and hilarious about these anthropomorphized  drawings.

As is usually the case, I didn’t bite the bullet when they were readily available – in amazing oval frames to boot! So I recently went on a scavenger hunt for the artist and was ecstatic to discover that they (actually an artistic duo from Portland, Ore.) have a shop on Etsy featuring even more animal portraits, including my all-time favorite, the sloth! I just about died from excitement.

Now the trick will be not blowing my entire allowance on each and every one of these portraits, because how can one choose between a Don Draper bear, a James Bond villain cheetah and a stately badger? I know I can’t.

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