I’ll Toast to That

Girlfriend Toast via Cheeky Kitchen

You probably wouldn’t know it by looking at me, but I eat A LOT. And it’s usually not healthy food either. There’s even a tradition in my family that once you’ve finished one meal — or sometimes while you’re still cooking it — you discuss what to have for the next one. That’s how much I love food.

Luckily, “the boy” feels the same way as I do. But after recent trips to Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles, Indian, Ethiopian and repeat pastrami bagel sandwich and biscuit and gravy breakfasts at Nick’s, an amazing diner in Downtown LA, he suggested that our next breakfast consist only of fruit. Of course, my first response was, “Fruit?! Can we at least have toast with it?!”

Cheeky Kitchen blog to the rescue. I think this recipe for “Girlfriend Toast” would be just the thing to satisfy our need to avoid heart attacks and still have something drool-worthy for breakfast.

{Photo via Cheeky Kitchen}

4 thoughts on “I’ll Toast to That

  1. Terry says:

    Oh man. I have been SUPER lazy at responding to blogs these days…..but how can I not respond to Kim and “the boy” hahahahaha. hahahahah. Oh kim. And the boy. I love food too. Therefore, it is a must that I have to check out the blog. PS. have you checked out Johnny’s Pizza in CDM? I heard it was a good one!!! Miss you, Roomie!!

    • Kim says:

      You’re our star poster! We can’t have you getting lazy ;) And yes, I have Piers — who’s how old now? 7? — to thank for “Kim and the boy.”

  2. The Boy says:

    That sounds pretty good, but I don’t know if a few raspberries (or even a heaping of raspberries) is enough fruit for me. I want some nectarines. Some cantaloupe. Some strawberries. Some plums!

  3. evans_house@comcast.net says:

    At least you’re getting closer to real french toast. Hey, sweetie, I understand you are not giving up your present digs after all. I don’t blame you, it seems to be cozy and friendly there. So what have you been up to lately- still intimidating the engineers? It’s been so hot here it is uncomfortable to be outdoors- high 90’s with heat indices up to 120. I see your sister is taking off on another world jaunt- are you going with her to chaperone? Be careful surfing this week. I understand it’s shark week, but don’t feed them any body parts. Take care and email me when you can. Sorry about using this site, but I lost your email address.
    Uncle Dick

    Thinking .

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