Going, Going …

Petra, Jordan -- Photo by Сергей Ершов

It’s getting to be that time of year when I no longer want to go on a big, fun vacation abroad, I need to go. It’s a survival thing. Currently, my must-go list includes Petra, Jordan (if you’ve ever seen “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”, you’ve seen this place — pictured above — and have probably dreamed of going as well), Turkey and the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador.

To prepare for my eventual trip, I’ve been exploring a number of travel resources I’ve discovered lately. So I thought I’d share them here!

1. Intrepid Travel — a great site for small group tours of all kinds that don’t skew to travelers too young or too old. It’s just right.

2. Airbnb — A wonderful resource for rooms and vacation rentals around the globe. Depending on the setup and your preferences, you can even stay in a larger house or unit with locals to get more of the real deal.

3. I’m a Kayak.com diehard, but if you need to be really thrifty, which I often do, I’d recommend CheapOAir. The name says it all really. If you don’t mind roughing it with long layovers and multiple stops for a much cheaper flight, this is your best bet.

Do you have any travel tips or resources you recommend? Where are you going on your next big vacation? Share in the comments!

{Photo by Сергей Ершов}

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