Geeking Out On Office Supplies


Scroll Pen - Uncommon Goods

One Day at a Time Stationery Set - Uncommon GoodsFuzzy Wuzzy Pencils - Spoon Sisters

Pro/Con Journal - Knock Knock

Mac Shortcuts Poster - Etsy

It occurred to me recently – mainly because traffic is getting progressively worse – that it’s back-to-school season. Seeing as I’m no longer in school, this is of no great consequence to me, but it does remind me of how much I used to LOVE getting those lists of required school supplies for the year. When it comes to school/office supplies, I totally geek out. I could literally spend hours in any store that offers more than one or two kinds of pens or pencils. Oh, and organizers — swoon!

So in the spirit of back-to-school season and my office supply obsession, I thought I’d round up a few fun finds from around the interwebs:

1. Scroll Pen – Anything that combines a paper and pen is a magic in my book.

2. One Day at a Time Stationery Set – I’m not usually a Type A personality unless it comes to office supplies and this is about as good as it gets.

3. Fuzzy Wuzzy Pencils – Cute! And fuzzy.

4. Pro/Con Journal – I could’ve used this last month with my moving saga. I’m sure it’ll still come in handy, though.

5. Mac Shortcuts Poster – Stylish and functional.

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