The Soul of Vinyl


There’s nothing more romantic than a vinyl record. There’s something magical about that brief crackling noise as the needle finds its place among the grooves and the unadulterated sound that follows. For lovers of oldies but goodies this is the only way to listen. And with records — and of course record players — making a comeback as of late, Vinylmania, a budding documentary film by Italian director Paolo Campana, couldn’t be better timed. The trailer alone, makes me want to go dig through the bins at Amoeba to find that perfect mix of soul and sound.

Only problem is, the film needs extra funding to make it to the big screen. So the creators have started a Kickstarter campaign to reach their funding goal of $33,000 by Nov. 10. At this point, I should mention that a good friend of mine worked on the film, and I’d love nothing more than to see her work make it to the Big Screen. But biases aside, doesn’t this project sound just lovely?

If you want to donate to the film (depending on the amount, you could receive a DVD copy of the film, get your name in the credits or even attend the screening in Sweden!) visit .

2 thoughts on “The Soul of Vinyl

  1. Vitor says:

    That minature model photo tuitaorl is really blowing up right now I see these things EVERYWHERE. Nice effects though, I am really falling in love with the lens blur right now.

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