The Joy of Paper Flowers

Paper Flowers via Thuss + Farrell

Paper Flowers via Thuss + Farrell

Paper Flowers via Thuss + Farrell

I’ve recently fallen back in love with paper flowers. I used to adore making these things in school for Mother’s Day and the like, but I didn’t know then that they could look so classy and beautiful if you want them to. Just take a look at these stunners on the equally amazing Plenty of Colour blog (recommended to me today by one of my coworkers).

The creations, made by photography/design company Thuss+Farrell, are nearly as beautiful as the real thing — and they last a whole lot longer. Wouldn’t they be just gorgeous as gift toppers or wedding decorations?

Here’s an easy tutorial on how to make your own.

{Photos via Thuss+Farrell}

3 thoughts on “The Joy of Paper Flowers

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