Festive From Head to Toe

Last week, I shared 5 party dresses with you guys, but if you’d rather make your accessories the main attraction this holiday season, these precious pieces from ban.do would be the perfect complement to any little black dress–in fact, the simpler the outfit, the better. Which means you can wear something you already own, save some money, and still look adorable.

From top to bottom: Gift Bow, $35; Big Black Bow Headband, $45; Chiffon Shoe Clips, $25; Heart Shoe Clips, $25.

4 thoughts on “Festive From Head to Toe

    • Anin says:

      Hi Ryan!Just wanted to let you know that Mr. Tomlinson and I are glad to be on your team to help! We will do atiyhnng! You are an amazing person. We are thinking about you!I just want you to know that our womens group: Females in Training (FIT) are honored to be able to hold our 5 k run walk for you. The 5k run walk is on Saturday, October 20th so please spread the word to the rest of your lungs4laughter team, friends, family, etc . so they can join us! We hope to raise lots of money for you!!! It is held at the Father Smiths Center. You can find it on Facebook too. Please add our event to your upcoming events site.We are here for you and support you!!!!

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