Graffiti Nouveau

It seems that graffiti has really branched out since my youth. Take “yarnbombing” for instance. It’s a new graffiti trend that swaps out spray paint for a knitting needle and yarn. I have to say, the results are pretty amazing.

I wonder how long it takes to complete one of these projects. It seems as though yarnbombs must be created by magical elves rather than real people. Either way, I’m in love.

Check out more yarnbomb creations at

One thought on “Graffiti Nouveau

  1. Steps to the Shop says:

    I think that they have it mostly complete before they arrive, then stitch up the side to attach it to the tree. I can’t think of any other way it is possible. Unless they are magic elves like you said. I have seen this done on a pretty large section of a chain link fence, around the the fencing, not sure how the completed it with so much detail in one night.

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