How To Be Money Saavy

I have to admit that I’m really bad with my money. I try to be reasonable about monthly expenditures and think through the big-ticket splurges, but besides that, I don’t know much about managing money. Investments, retirement savings, and taxes? Zilch. And my biggest nightmare of all? My student loans. Funding college and grad school = a bajillion different loans, passwords, due dates, interest rates, and accounts to take care of. Eek!

If you’re in the same shoes as me, don’t worry; check out LearnVest. I found this site through DailyCandy and it’s such a refreshing take on helping women manage their money. It’s free to become a member and there’s a ton you can do on the site: sign up for bootcamp sessions that walk you through investing and budgeting, link up all of your financial accounts (students loans, personal banking, etc.) and manage them in one place, get tips that are customized for where you are in life (recent grad, expecting a baby, trying to get out of debt) and more. There are a couple of features on the site that do cost a fee, such as personal financial planning with an adviser, but otherwise you can navigate the rest of the site for free and start organizing your spending habits so they reflect your future goals. It’s awesome! And, just in time for tax season. :)


Have a great weekend, everyone! xx

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3 thoughts on “How To Be Money Saavy

  1. The GSB says:

    I love LearnVest! They have great articles — I haven’t tried any of their tools yet but they definitely make personal finance much more approachable (kind of like the Suze but minus the guilt she makes you feel for not having 11 thousand IRAs and $401K in your 401(k) at the age of 26). is also a great management tool, but LearnVest seems to be geared toward women, which is a nice plus.

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