Around the World in 50 Breakfasts

Moroccan breakfast - via blog

Portuguese breakfast - via blog

Brazilian breakfast - via blog

Italian breakfast - via blog

Filipino breakfast - via blog

I love breakfast. And it’s become one of my new favorite things about the weekend: waking up to enjoy a nice big cup of coffee and an old eggy favorite or, every so often, something more unique. I must admit, I get a little disappointed when I travel someplace that doesn’t go all out for breakfast. So I’m loving this list put together by of some of the 50 most fantastic breakfasts around the world.

Time to re-scramble (no pun intended) my top 10 must-go locations … The Moroccan, Portuguese, Brazilian, Italian and Filipino breakfasts (pictured above) are some of my standout favorites.

Also, how crafty and awesome is it that also offers backpacker recipes?

[Photos via]

4 thoughts on “Around the World in 50 Breakfasts

  1. Olivia says:

    i love this!! breakfast is my absolute favorite meal of the day too and i’m always looking for unique ones!!

    • Renaldi says:

      Thanks! The torii gate photo is one of my favorite of all time it was a lovley night to be there, and such a beautiful place I want to go back! Haha well thanks again for the compliments on the photos, really appreciate it.

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