Traveling State of Mind

Why We Travel Slideshow - The New York Times

I don’t know if it’s Spring Break or just the fact that everyone is tired of the “staycation,” but it seems travel bugs are everywhere lately. It used to be that I’d go through my extremely short list of equally travel-obsessed friends trying to find someone (anyone!) who might want to jet off to somewhere exotic. Now, I can’t even keep up with all the travel ideas that have been tossed my way — and I love it!

With travel constantly on the brain (as is my usual state) I’ve recently come across some fun travel features that have a perfect place in today’s travel-mania. Here are just a few:

1. Why We Travel – A beautiful collection of reader-submitted photos and travel anecdotes curated by The New York Times. (I’m in love with photo No. 16 — shown above. Wish it were me!)

2. The Ultimate Travel Hacking Guide – And I thought I was an expert in the art of getting cheap flights. So much to learn …

3. Bike-friendly LA – For those who aren’t quite ready to relinquish the staycation or just want something fun to do for the weekend, Lonely Planet has this great little rundown of some of the best casual bike adventures in LA.


One thought on “Traveling State of Mind

  1. scottymack says:

    You should check out sites like and They are sites that find hosts that will let you live with them (and possibly get meals too) for a few hours of work a day. I always find myself looking on these sites trying to find the perfect host. Always gives me the travel bug; even though I am currently out of money.

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