Vintage Airstream Honeymoon

Would you guys ever go camping for your honeymoon? It wasn’t something that I ever thought of, but after seeing this Green Wedding Shoes honeymoon inspiration–complete with cozy Airstream, daytime tents, boating, and roasting marshmallows–it looks like such a sweet, relaxing trip to take together! If you’re on a tight budget, it would also be a perfect alternative to expensive flights and hotels abroad. And hey, who needs a honeymoon for this adventure? Grab your significant other, friends, family, whoever, and make it happen for Memorial Day!

One thought on “Vintage Airstream Honeymoon

  1. Shogo says:

    Martin not only a great photographer but also a fatasntic person. He puts you at ease and makes the whole experience fun! He listens to what you would like as well as offering his own creative ideas. Highly recommend Studio 2. Can’t wait to the big day now!

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