Summer Lighting

© Tulipanka Photography (Glowing Jar Project - From Panka With Love}

As silly as it sounds, there’s very little that makes me more excited for summer than the thought of sitting outside under a canopy of Christmas lights with a glass of wine and good company.

I’m beginning to think that these amazing little DIY jar lights from From Panka With Love might be even better. I stumbled across them on Pinterest this weekend, and I immediately had a flashback to the summers I used to spend chasing fireflies around my grandma’s neighborhood in Indiana.

The jars sound relatively easy to make, although like one commenter said, five hours for the larger jar seems like a bit much. Even if you just stick to the small variety, these would be such a beautiful addition to any evening summer hangout, don’t you think?

{Photo © Tulipanka Photography}

One thought on “Summer Lighting

  1. Jake says:

    1) The first paragraph is terrific, and, I agree, that sounds all kinds of swell.

    2) I just told my roommates a few days ago that I wanted to do up these jar lights. So rad.

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