Wild Hairstyles

Photo by Kerstin Joensson

Do you know what an alpaca obsession looks like? I do. And it’s name is my mom. A couple years ago, my mom got really into alpacas. I mean, really into them. She joined a club and everything. (I didn’t even know there was such a thing.) They sent her a postcard with a watercolor painting of an alpaca on the front and I laughed for days. And teased her mercilessly. That is, until she sent me the most amazing compilation known to man: 25 Alpacas with the Most Amazing Hair Ever. The title is true. They do have the most amazing hair ever. And looking through the list, I honestly felt as though I could identify every alpaca’s celebrity lookalike – or as I like to call it, “style icon.”

Mom, I apologize for my teasing. You’re right: Alpacas are quite incredible creatures — with a sense of style I can only hope to aspire to one day.

{Photo by Kerstin Joensson via Twisted Sifter}

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