The Bikes Are Coming

Susan Peters - Photo from Hollywood Rides a Bike by Steven Rea

You guys, it’s happening. After I’ve waited practically a decade for bike sharing to head west, Bike Nation is finally bringing a bike-share program to Downtown Los Angeles — plus Hollywood, Playa del Rey, Westwood and Venice Beach. You’ve probably seen these programs in other cities. They’re super nifty. Basically, they allow you to rent a bike out of a totally automated station, ride it around and drop at off at any other station nearby. I’m already dreaming of all the fun biking adventures I’ll be going on very soon.

In the meantime, I’m swooning over Steven Rea’s newish book, “Hollywood Rides a Bike,” and its collection of romantic photos of Hollywood stars from the ’30s ’40s and ’50s riding their bikes around town. The one above is Susan Peters. Isn’t it just lovely?

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