In Search of a New July 4 Tradition

This was our old July 4 tradition: Watching fireworks along the strand in Redondo Beach. What are your favorite July 4 activities/lookouts?

I’ve decided. The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. It’s like the confluence of all the things I love in life: being outdoors, good food, good company, fireworks, magical sights …  independence. Ever since I moved to Southern California from Arizona – and gotten closer and closer to the beach – my love for July 4 has grown even more. (For me, add the beach to anything and you pretty much have it made.)

Up until last year, our July 4 activities were a no-brainer. The boy, whose birthday is on that very day, lived in Redondo Beach so we’d invite a bunch of friends over, have some food and drinks and then walk to the beach to see fireworks go off all along the coast. Now that the boy lives downtown, we’ve been thrown off our game a bit. We’ve adapted to life in the city and grown to enjoy it immensely, but on July 4,  the city doesn’t quite cut it for me.

But what to do? Drive to the beach and try and wade through the crowds for hours to find parking? No thanks. Stay in the city and try a find a cool rooftop somewhere? Maybe. What I’m getting to here, is that I want to hear your ideas, readers! Do you have special lookouts or activities you do for July 4? Where are the best places to go? I implore you, help us find a new July 4 tradition. I know you’ll make at least one birthday boy (and me) very happy :)

{Photo by me}

2 thoughts on “In Search of a New July 4 Tradition

  1. Irvina Kanarek (@IrvinaKanarek) says:

    As well I usually find myself at the beach on the 4th of July. However if I was in LA I would totally make a huge bohemian picnic out of it! There are so many cute parks in Pasadena. I would tell all my friends to bring a basket full of goodies, bootleg some cocktails in a flask, play Frisbee all day then whip out the sparklers come night time :)

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