Summer Bucket List #19: A Plant Even I Can’t Kill?

Air Plant Terrarium from Terrarium Shop - $10 with stand

Terrarium care instructions

I did manage to make it to one event on my whirlwind weekend list, even if it was for the last hour of the last day. I just can’t stand to miss the Renegade Craft Fair — or manage to leave without buying a thing or two. In addition to finally purchasing an adorable narwhal portrait from one of my favorite illustrators, Ryan Berkley Illustration, and discovering the stunning and whimsical work of Lela Shields, I figured out how I’m going to complete Summer Bucket List item No. 19 (buy a plant and keep it alive all summer long): by purchasing a premade mini terrarium containing a plant with no roots that can essentially be carried around like little pet succulent and only needs to be watered once a week! It was only $10 from Terrarium Shop — with a cute little stand to boot.

I’m sure you’re thinking, “Kim, you must be able to take care of a plant that’s higher maintenance.” Nope (Chuck Testa). It has to be just a step away from artificial for it to survive me. I think me and my epiphyte (that’s what it’s called according to Wikipedia) will be very happy together.

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