Lunchtime Sandwiches


My workplace is all about packing lunches and eating around a big table together. It’s such a money-saving alternative–and a great way to hang out together–except I’m usually not that I excited about what I have to bring. If I’m lucky, I’ll have restaurant leftovers from the night before, but most of the time I’m either eating a typical salad or making either turkey or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for five days straight.

Then I saw this Whole Living feature on 50 sandwich recipes and was totally inspired by all of the simple, healthy ideas that I actually don’t feel too lazy to try them. FromΒ Artichoke and White Bean to Tuna and Quinoa, they look genuinely delicious.

And there’s also always the Spring Sandwich pictured above, with boiled egg, seared asparagus, and pickled onion.

Do you guys bring your lunch to work or go out for food? What do you normally eat? I’d love to hear any easy recipe suggestions you’ve got!

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