Photographs Worth a Thousand Words

- "Are you an artist?"  - "Divorce Lawyer"

– “Are you an artist?”
– “Divorce Lawyer”

Recently during my annual binge on Webby Award nominees and winners, I came across the Humans of New York (HONY) Tumblr. It already has nearly two million fans on Facebook, so this post is really for the two readers out there like me, who didn’t know it existed. Its creator, Brandon, goes around New York (and in one of my favorite series, Iran) and takes photographs of, well, pretty much anyone. As someone who could stare at street photography for hours, wondering what its subjects are thinking or who they are, what’s most endearing about HONY to me are the quotes and tidbits of conversation between Brandon and his subjects that accompany most of the photos. I like to think that I have a pretty good imagination, but I could scarcely dream up the surprising truths revealed about the people in these photographs.

And good news if you’re a fan: HONY just released its first book! Mine’s already sitting in my living room. Hopefully, I’m ahead of the trend — or least keeping up with it — on that one ;)

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