A DIY Valentine’s Day


Happy February, friends! Valentine’s Day is coming up in less than two weeks already, sheesh! Growing up, this was one of my favorite holidays because it had nothing to do with dating and relationships when I was little…as far as I was concerned, it was craft time! OK, fine, by fifth grade it did start to be about whether or not a certain boy named Ryan liked me back (those were some agonizing days). ButΒ before that, every year, one of my teachers would come up with a clever art project for us, whether it was hand-making cards or decorating shoe boxes filled with candy and kind notes for classmates. All in all, it was just a fun excuse to make something for someone else.

So in honor of that spirit, and also because it’s been forever since I’ve touched glue, tape, paint, or anything of the sort, I thought I’d share a few fun DIY projects for the holiday. I found some great ideas thanks to Minted—a high-end stationery store specializing in paper products and wall art prints created by designers all over the world—and their adorable blog, Julep. Below, three DIY projects to gift to friends and loved ones…

1. Painted Hearts Valentine: A handmade poster cute enough to hang all year round. How-to here.


2. Disco Ball Valentine: I was just reading how a disco ball can transform your entire living space, and this would be a really cute Valentine’s Day twist on the idea. How-to here.


3. Valentine Present Toppers: Already bought a gift? Add a personal touch with these adorable toppers made from free printable designs. How-to here.


This post was kindly sponsored by Minted and their blog, Julep. Hope you love their ideas as much as we do!

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