Yurt Living is the Life for Me

The Yurt!

I think my next apartment might be a yurt.

This weekend, Matt and I took a road trip to Yosemite National Park to stay, for the first time in the ever-popular and ever-peculiar yurt village near the park. (For the uninitiated, a yurt is a traditional Mongolian dwelling — sort of like a teepee on steroids.) Yurt camping options have been popping up in scenic locales for a few years now and it seems there are always waiting lists for the things. I can see why after spending my first weekend in one. We were lucky enough to get one of the brand-new “Meadow Yurts” at Yosemite Lakes. It was stocked better than a hotel, with pots and pans and cooking utensils, a full-size bunk-bed and a futon. It even had a fireplace!


We stocked up on wine and games, bought some groceries on the road and had a pretty fabulous home away from home.



After traipsing around Yosemite on a 10-mile hike (2 miles of which was us getting lost and/or going around in circles), we built a decent fire in our yurt’s outdoor fire pit and made a nice dinner of kabobs and cous-cous. Then we topped it all off with some good ol’ smore-making — debating whether it’s best to toast or totally incinerate your marshmallow. (I go for the later.)


Overall, it was a great way to be in the great outdoors without the commitment required of a camping trip. And both of us found ourselves saying, honestly, “I could live in a yurt!” by the end of it all.

Yosemite Evening

I, for one, have my eye on these ocean front properties in Big Sur.

5 thoughts on “Yurt Living is the Life for Me

  1. Celeste says:

    This trip looked like so much fun! I’m totally going to look up some yurts—can’t believe they come with fireplaces! I’m also really crave a s’more right now.

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