Meet the Authors

lacma rock

If you had to spot Celeste Hoang and Kim Orr from a mile away, chances are you would hear them laughing first — from that far away. Yep, these two California girls, who met right after college while sitting across from each other in the cubicle alley of their first full-time jobs, are notorious for being completely giggly, laugh-y, and dorky at all times of the day.

Both journalism majors, Celeste studied at Chapman University and Columbia University, while Kim earned her degree at Cal State Fullerton. Today, these two are working in Los Angeles — Celeste as the managing editor at a non-profit called Good Neighbors USA and Kim as a web producer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory — while living just a couple of blocks from each other in Downtown Los Angeles. They both love eating their hearts out at new restaurants, adventuring by foot (it’s rare when these two aren’t walking a ton together!), shopping for vintage finds, exploring bookstores and museums, having picnic dates and movie nights, pointing to every cute dog that walks by, and getting lost together anytime they have to find their way back to their cars (which, by the way, happen to be matching MINI Coopers. Yes, they’re those kind of friends!).

Here’s hoping you want to get to know them more through this blog and are ready to sit, stay and enjoy a while. :)