A Day at the Craft Fair

My Favorites from Renegade Craft Fair Los Angeles

Deer photograph by Mischa Ashton

While holing up in Downtown LA this weekend (to avoid carmageddon, which turned out to be a bust), I finally made it to the Renegade Craft Fair. If those words — “craft fair” — conjure up thoughts of doilies and decorative plates like the ones at your grandmother’s house, don’t fret, this is a whole different animal. I have a stack of business cards and a dent in my bank account to prove it. After spending the first 10 minutes going from booth to booth mentally tallying the pieces I couldn’t live without, I decided it would be better — and more cost-effective — to collect business cards from the artists I liked and shop their stores online when I’m more level-headed and the bright red ATM sign isn’t beckoning. Plus, what better way to share all my fabulous finds with you all!

Here’s a rundown of my favorites and a couple it turned out I really couldn’t live, or leave, without:

  • Small Adventure — Cards, prints, accessories and other small items for those who enjoy the outdoors or just enjoy looking at it.
  • Topiary — I swung by this booth, which features jewelry made out of lace, a couple of times before caving in on a $10 pair of red earrings.
  • Nate Duval — whimsical modern art prints sure to draw you in.
  • Word for Word — For those who are equally arty and punny, check out these greeting cards that cleverly employ the names of paint swatches.
  • Misha Ashton Photography — Another booth I couldn’t resist. Misha’s photo of a deer missing one antler (pictured above) was a must-have!
  • Alternate Histories — Old maps and illustrations take on new meaning when Godzilla and space invaders enter the picture.
  • Clean Getaway Soap Co. — Sometimes there’s nothing better than handmade soap.
  • Crooked Sister — These bow necklaces were just adorable.
  • Sweet Siren — Jewelry that’s both whimsical and edgy, featuring characters from Alice in Wonderland as well as nautical elements.
  • Jason Cantoro — Silkscreen art that’s wonderfully colorful and intriguing.
  • Oceguera — These kitschy pillows are all made from recycled sweaters and would make a great statement in any room.
  • Friends Again — Sweet and lovely hand-printed goods and artwork.
  • Ex Libris Anonymous — Good for writing, sketching or just jotting down notes, these journals made from old books have so much more character than the standard variety.

My longtime favorites and previous post subjects, The Mincing Mockingbird and Berkley Illustration, were also in attendance, making the whole thing an even cooler experience. I had to resist the temptation not to buy their entire booths and just call it a day.

Bicoastal Wonder

Have you guys heard of the blog Atlantic-Pacific? I just discovered Bee and her magical, sparkling wonder of a fashion blog and I’m always floored by the outfits she’s wearing. The first time I browsed through her site, it was just one fabulous outfit after another and I found myself uttering an audible “Whoa.” She posts every single day and looks like a gem every. single. day. Those layers! Those accessories! Those hairstyles! Oh, Bee, I’m stuck on you like…well, honey.

Some more recent outfits of Ms. Bee for your viewing pleasure:

A Handful Of Whimsy

Orwell Clutch from TsuruBride on EtsyOrwell Clutch from TsuruBride on Etsy Orwell Clutch from TsuruBride on Etsy

I have a thing for whimsical, albeit odd, animal-themed accessories and clothing. When I was 15, my mom had to secretly throw away a shirt I’d begged for in Cape Cod eight years earlier with a picture of a cat and the words “Cape Clawed” on the front. So when I saw these purses on Etsy from TsuruBride, I almost died.

I love the idea of pairing these girlish animal clutches with a lovely, “grown-up” outfit. After all, everything — even animal-themed items — in moderation.

{photos via TsuruBride}