If the Shoe Fits

TOMS eyewear

Most people who know me even just a little bit, know that I’m not a big fan of shoes. Until probably about three years ago, I refused to wear anything but flip-flops since that was the closest I could get to being barefoot while still remaining socially acceptable. Besides my staple black flats (for work), the only real exception to that rule has been TOMS shoes. I love the fun styles and colors, of course. But I especially love that buying them means helping children who go barefoot because they have to — not because they choose to.

Now TOMS has announced a new line of eyewear, which is the only thing I wear less than shoes. But I’m pretty sure I’ll break my rule for these too. Just like their shoe line, the eyewear comes complete with TOMS “One for One” philosophy of philanthropy: For all eyewear you purchase, you’ll help improve the sight — or literally give sight – to someone who suffers from vision impairment.

Pretty cool. And not too shabby in the looks department either.

{Photo via TOMS}