73 Questions for SJP

Have you guys seen this Vogue interview with Sarah Jessica Parker? She powers through 73 questions fired off by a reporter at lightning speed and it’s so much fun to watch. I’m equally impressed by how the interviewer memorized (I imagine) all those questions and how quickly SJP answers them! Some of them would have stumped me for a bit for sure, such as “Can you write down your favorite word that starts and ends with the same vowel?” She thinks of a beautiful word in a flash! It’s also an unintentional mini-tour of her amazing apartment in NYC, a city she describes in the interview as “Symphonic, tiny, real.” She is quick with words, that one.

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Paper Princess

o-1643876-570 (9)

Have you guys heard about this 4-year-old fashionista? Affectionately dubbed “Mayhem” by her mother, Angie, this tot enjoys clothes so much that she was always playing with her mom’s scarves and sheets. Then one day, Angie suggested the two of them start making paper dresses instead so they could create to their heart’s content…and suddenly an incredible collection emerged! Proof below…

o-1643876-570 (8)

o-1643876-570 (7)

o-1643876-570 (4)

o-1643876-570 (5)

…and then came celebrity-inspired concoctions!


o-1643876-570 (2)

o-1643876-570 (1)

How adorable and imaginative is this mother-daughter duo?! And those last three photos…I think we all know who wore it better.

See more amazing designs on Angie’s Instagram. And thanks for letting me know about this story, Jess!

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Lessons in Love


I read a fascinating article in The Atlantic recently about a particular class Northwestern University offers: Marriage 101. The school has a course entirely dedicated to helping students have successful marriages and fulfilling romantic relationships in life. How cool is that? Students attend weekly lectures and then break into discussion groups focused on a range of topics such as child-rearing, infidelity, and addiction. Some of the class’s broader teachings include Dating and Selecting the Right Partner, Managing Conflict and Fighting Fair, Common Problems of Marriage, and—one that I thought was particularly great—Getting To Know Yourself.

“The foundation of our course is based on correcting a misconception: that to make a marriage work, you have to find the right person. The fact is, you have to be the right person,” says Alexandra Solomon [one of the four professors teaching the course]. “Our message is countercultural: Our focus is on whether you are the right person. Given that we’re dealing with 19-, 20-, 21-year olds, we think the best thing to do at this stage in the game, rather than look for the right partner, is do the work they need to understand who they are, where they are, where they came from, so they can then invite in a compatible suitable partner.”

To that end, students keep a journal, interview friends about their own weaknesses, and discuss what triggers their own reactions and behaviors in order to understand their own issues, hot buttons, and values. “Being blind to these causes people to experience problems as due to someone else—not to themselves,” Solomon explains. “We all have triggers, blind spots, growing edges, vulnerabilities. The best thing we can do is be aware of them, take responsibility for them, and learn how to work with them effectively.”

What an incredible class to take, don’t you think? Northwestern has offered this course for 14 years and it’s so popular that teachers are forced to turn students away every year! If you’re married, what are some of the challenges you face in your relationship that you didn’t expect to? Is marriage easier or harder than you imagined? Do you think a course like this one would have properly prepared you? If you’re not married, would you take a course like this?

p.s. I’ll always remember the time my 11th-grade English teacher told us: “You know that movie Jerry Maguire, where they say ‘you complete me’? That’s bullshit. Nobody completes you. You complete yourself.” I don’t remember the majority of the things I learned in high school, but I’ll always remember learning that. ;)

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Tiny Space, Magical Place


Talk about making the most of a small space. Korean artist Jee Young Lee transformed her tiny studio in Seoul—measuring 3.6 x 4.1 x 2.4 meters—into incredible, dreamlike worlds…all by hand. She’s pictured in each image and the self portraits range from her own experiences, dreams, and memories, to traditional Korean folk tales and legends. Even though you’re just looking at a photo, don’t you feel like you’re inside each one?






Enchanting and haunting at the same time, right? Chillllls!

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An Instagram Love Story


You just can’t make up a story this cute: Elizabeth Wisdom and Denis Lafargue were complete strangers before 2012–and until Elizabeth posted an Instagram photo of Crater Lake, Oregon that caught Denis’ eye. He commented on her photo, the two started flirting via Instagram, eventually exchanged numbers, met up in person, fell in love, documented their adventures together, and then recently got engaged. Denis proposed in a barn near her home in Texas, which he decorated by printing out all of their Instagram photos and hanging them on the walls as a timeline.







So darn sweet. You can read the complete story and see more photos here.

Welcome to Warp Zone!

RetroN 2

You guys. Nintendo and Super Nintendo are back! I was at Urban Outfitters last weekend, saw this baby on the shelf and nearly knocked over the display from excitement. (Although I was a little sad to see that a relic of my youth is now “retro” enough to share shelf space with record players, Polaroid cameras and other hipster accoutrements.) I don’t know about you, but I’ve never come around to the whole 3-D, first-person-shooter, zombie apocalypse evolution that’s taken place in today’s video game culture. Where are the gold coins? The synth music? The pixelated … everything?

Bring on the Super Mario Bros, the Mario Kart, the Super Contra, the Mortal Kombat, the Adventures of Tom Sawyer, the Claymates, the M.C. Kids (you could actually get these games in McDonald’s Happy Meals back in the day!). Who’s with me?!

P.S. Let’s get a list going for the kids. Which Nintendo and Super Nintendo games should be the first additions to any good “retro” collection?